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Instruction booklet - How do characters' powers work?

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Instruction booklet - How do characters' powers work?

Postby TinyColossus » 10 Jan 2013, 22:05

As you may (or may not) know, UFHO2 has 10 character races, and almost all of them have a special power. I tried to balance all of them, so that winning is not necessarily easier with any of the races, and you can choose which one you prefer to play with.

Still, in online leaderboards each user will have a number that indicates his level, where 1000 is the baseline.
When you win, a numerical multiplier (which depends on the character you're using) will be multiplied by the win score and then added (or subtracted, if negative!) to your score. This multiplier will balance things out in matches played between players with different races.
For instance, if Gooys have a factor that's 1 (so the score doesn't change), Commanders might have a factor of .95, which means that if you win with a Commander your win is worth a bit less.

Below you will find the description for all the characters powers. These may change slightly over time, as we tried them out and balance all the mechanics against each other.

Unless stated otherwise, all characters have 6 moves per turn, and 20 seconds to execute them. They pay 1 move to move around, 1 move to rotate a room and 2 moves to rotate a sector.


Image Image

These are the base characters, and the only one available from the start of the game. They have no special power. Playing with them means playing the True UFHO Experience® :D



The choice of powerup experts, when he uses a powerup he pays one move less than their cost. This means that:
  • if a powerup costs 3, he spends 2 moves
  • if it costs 2, he spends 1 move instead
  • if it costs 1, he still spends 1 move
  • if it has no cost, he doesn't spend any move

As a payback, he's quite slower than the other characters, so you have to think fast when using him.



This is basically a Gooy gone crazy, so he rotates sectors counterclockwise instead of clockwise (this is also valid for the Double Sector Rotation powerup). Similarly, a CCW Sector Rotation powerup will rotate it clockwise instead.
This is very useful to confuse the opponent, if you remember it yourself! Otherwise it will probably confuse you!



These small creatures play just like a normal character. When another player takes a Gem though, they get angry and for the next turn, they will have 7 moves instead of 6. When this special turn is over, they go back to the normal state.



The Gish has 3 states: normal, liquid and solid. He cycles between them automatically, so in the first turn he's normal, next turn he's solid, next turn he's liquid, then again normal, and so on.
The state affects the number of moves he has: when he's liquid he has 7 moves, when he's normal 6, when he's solid 5.
The player doesn't need to do anything to use this power.



The Cortex can control others' mind, but he can do it only on his last move on each turn. When the moves count is down to 1, the player controlling the Cortex can spend it to move another player in a nearby room, provided it's already connected.
Only the last move of each turn can be used this way. He can also decide not to do it, and use it for anything else (including moving himself).



The Hexabot has a drill that he can use to move through rooms that are not connected together. This move can be done only once per turn, and it's activated just by trying to move between two rooms that are not connected, but only if these belong to the same Sector.



The Commander is a powerful being, and as such has 7 moves each turn. He's not apt at rotating things though (since he built machines that do it for him), so rotating Sector costs 3 moves instead of the usual 2.
The player doesn't need to do anything to use this power.



All Gooos leave a trail behind them when they move. The player can move back on the trail anywhere along its length, just by dragging from the character to the desired spot, as if it was a normal room-to-room movement and even if it's more than one room away.
The Gooo will quickly go back on his trail, and this power costs 1 move to be used.

However, if the player rotates a room or a sector in which the Gooo has left his trail, this will break (potentially making it smaller and thus less useful).
The trail generates automatically and at no cost. Only going back uses 1 move.
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